IBE’s China facility offers full-service printed circuit board manufacturing with high quality and competitive pricing. For mass production of 2L to 10L, we have big advantage that can help get you short lead times and low prices. All files receive a full CAM review and all boards are inspected to IPC-A600 Class 2 or higher standards.  Compare price & turn-times by getting an online quote. You can contact IBE China directly, you also can contact IBE USA to get assistant.

ItemMass ProductionSmall Batch
Number of LayersUp to 16Up to 30
LaminateFR4, Halogen free, High TG, CEM3, PTFE, Aluminum BT, Rogers"
Maximum Board Size610mm x 460mm762mm x 508mm
Board Thickness0.3-3.5mm0.21-6.0mm
Minimum Line Width/Space0.1/0.1mm0.076/0.076mm
Minimum Line Gap+/-15%+/-10%
Outer Layer Copper Thickness140um245um
Inner Layer Copper Thickness70um245um
Min. Finished Hole Size (Mechanical)0.2mm0.15mm
Min. Finished Hole Size (Lazer)0.1mm0.1mm
Aspect Ratio10:120:1
Solder Mask ColorGreen, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Grey"
Impedance Control Tolerance<=+/-10%"
Surface Treatment
Flash Gold0.025-0.075um0.025-0.5um
Immersion Gold0.05-0.1um0.1-0.2um
Sn/Pb HASL1-70um1-70um
Leadfree HASL1-70um1-70um
Immersion Silver0.08-0.3um0.08-0.3um
Gold Finger0.375um>=1.75um
Hard Gold Plating0.375um>=1.75um
Immersion Sn0.8um
V-Cut Degree20,30,45,60"
OP Chamfer Angle Type30,45,60"
Chamfer (Angle Type)30,45,60"
Plug via hole (Max Size)0.6mm0.7mm

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